While buying medications online can help you save money, there are also many risks involved. Most online pharmacies follow the laws and regulations to put your health safety first. But some online pharmacies are simply out to make a quick buck at your expense. These businesses may put your health at risk.

Online pharmacy sites have been known to sell products that are past their expiration date, are fake, have dangerous ingredients, or have not been made using safe or approved standards. You may be sent the wrong dose of your medication, or no medication at all.   Check with Canada’s National International Pharmacy Association

There are at least two groups in Canada that certify which pharmacies are real and licensed. Some “Canadian” pharmacies are actually located in Mexico, or in someone’s garage in Indiana. They simply register their Web site in Canada.

Now, while being on one of the “certified” lists doesn’t PROVE that a Canadian pharmacy won’t swindle you, it does show that they meet the standards of the provincial government. 

If after all of your due diligence, you feel the pharmacy has tried to pull something sneaky on you, you can always report them to the provincial Board of Pharmacy. If the Canadian Boards of Pharmacy are rigid, the pharmacy will do whatever it can to not be reported.

One site you can use is the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). They list member-pharmacies that are supposedly registered and licensed in Canada. However, this association sounds like it could be more of a help to you. CIPA is taking action against rogue online pharmacies by identifying rogue websites and demanding they remove the stolen CIPA-verified seal. CIPA also contacts domain name registrars to demand that the offending domains be shut down entirely. Thus far in 2015, hundreds of domain names have been reviewed and 90 identified as fraudulently carrying the trademarked CIPA seal. “Cease and desist” letters were sent to rogue sites and registrars, leading to the removal of 10 fraudulent CI.  FDA provides information on how consumers can identify a fake online pharmacy. Consumers should also beware of offers that some sites make to attract customers, such as offering a commission or a referral bonus for bringing in new customers. They might offer bonus pills with a purchase, they're unscrupulous.  For Canadian Pharmacies , one good place to start is the website of a regulatory authority like Canadian International Pharmacy Association you can also find a listing of rogue and fraudulent pharmacies, so that you know which companies to avoid.  

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